Some Mind Blowing Tips for Creating an Online Dating Profile

By   September 4, 2014
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Mind blowing online dating profile

One: Your profile picture? I think it would be best if someone has taken it for you, like a brother or a sister. It would seem a little ‘vain’ for the other camp when they see your profile picture taken from your camera phone. I think it is best if you use a photo from a good digital camera. What do you think? The point of this is that you want you photo to appear fun and inviting. A photo taken by you will not convey that. You need a photo taken by someone who was out in a fun setting with you. This type of photo will show that you are fun and sociable. These are the qualities that women want.

Online Dating Profile Help

By   August 31, 2014

Online Dating Profile Help To Evoke a Greater Response

You think you have a great personal profile on the internet yet you fail to understand the zero response to your dating profile. Why are you not getting any responses to your profile? This is because your profile is not attracting any women. Not even the ugly or over weight women. It is because you profile does not convey or convince confidence. Women are attracted to strong and confident men. You will be surprised to know that both ugly women and beautiful women usually have the same dreams and desires, so why not put in all that work for a beautiful woman. It can also happen that you are unable to post an attractive personal profile because you just can’t express yourself effectively. Online dating profile help becomes critical in both situations.

We can be friends

By   February 23, 2014

This woman read one thing out of over 20 things on my profile that she did not like and tried to reject me. I told her that is why women in Atlanta cant find someone because they reject guys for no good reason.

When you run into these flighty women. Run like hell because they will not stick around to long. It should be a given not to spend money on these women but if you do make sure you get your moneys worth on these type of women the first night because they are not likely to hang around.

My Inbox Is Crazy On Facebook

By   February 22, 2014

These chicks online are attention whores. They post all these sexy pictures and get all this attention and act like they don’t want that type of attention. If women did not want attention from men online they would not put up a bunch of sexy pictures and brag about all the money that they have. These women know most men don’t have much money anyway, lol. They are using every tactic to attract men, ie; beauty, money, food, etc; then pretend they don’t want attention. Give me a break.


By   January 26, 2014

Chicks in general and especially on dating sites try to build them selves up to be more than they can ever be in real live. Women tend to live in a fairy tale where they think they are so loved and admired by the world that everyone should bow down to them.

Online Dating Profile For Men

By   November 13, 2013

Tips To Make Online Dating Profile For Men Effective

Online Dating is one of the outcomes of growing internet dependence. Well, it suits this fast paced living; with most of our time spent at work and commuting. Moreover, spending money on partying or clubbing may not necessarily yield the desired results. Hence online dating assumes crucial importance in getting a good girlfriend.

Read My Bio; Stay in Your League – I Mean Lane

By   November 9, 2013

pof profile snippet in search resultsTake a look at this headline. Look at the arrogance that some of these women have. She says that she gets 300 messages a day. She is trying to say that she is tired of all these dumb guys chasing her.

The big problem here is that guys put way to much value on some of these females. This causing them to think that all guys are a bunch of desperate lames.

She is saying that you send her the same dumb questions and she is not turned on by you because if she was you could just say hi and she would be all over you.

Online Dating Profile Tips for Men

By   July 15, 2013

Know more about Online Dating Profile Tips for Men

Well, we all know that not a lot of men can write well about themselves. Some can be total jerks while others can be hard to believe. Would you believe if someone over the Internet if they told you that they are not looking for sex, just plain sweet friendship? Of course not. Would you believe if someone told you that they have not made a woman cry or left a man heartbroken? Nope, definitely not. That is because it is really hard to trust someone especially if that someone is a thousand miles away from you. So, men, here are some tips for you:

Online Dating Profile Examples

By   July 10, 2013

Have the best Online dating profile examples for socializing

So who doesn’t like to get in the social community? This is the world where you will update your status first and then do that job. When it comes to engaging with someone, you want to get some good online dating profile examples from the online world. This helps to have a sharp starting in your online social world. With the help of Online dating profile examples, you can get perfect ideas for making an impressive Online dating profile. Social media is a powerful platform and online dating is one of the forms of social connectivity.