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By   January 26, 2014
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Chicks in general and especially on dating sites try to build them selves up to be more than they can ever be in real live. Women tend to live in a fairy tale where they think they are so loved and admired by the world that everyone should bow down to them.

Read My Bio; Stay in Your League – I Mean Lane

By   November 9, 2013

pof profile snippet in search resultsTake a look at this headline. Look at the arrogance that some of these women have. She says that she gets 300 messages a day. She is trying to say that she is tired of all these dumb guys chasing her.

The big problem here is that guys put way to much value on some of these females. This causing them to think that all guys are a bunch of desperate lames.

She is saying that you send her the same dumb questions and she is not turned on by you because if she was you could just say hi and she would be all over you.