By   January 26, 2014
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Chicks in general and especially on dating sites try to build them selves up to be more than they can ever be in real live. Women tend to live in a fairy tale where they think they are so loved and admired by the world that everyone should bow down to them.

I want to show you an example of this behavior. I was on a dating site and ran into a profile of one of these standard diva’s. She says on her profile that she does not respond to flirts. She even says that her inbox is flooded with emails. Now we already know that can be the case so why does she have to say it? Its like a millionaire going out of his was to tell every one in the world that he is rich, that is stupid because we know that and besides that, who does that?

So this tells you that a females that brags about so many men wanting her has self esteem issues. When I come across profiles that have these stupid requirements, I usually ignore them and still get a response from these women. Sometimes its good and sometimes its not but I do get a response.

So I contacted this woman that says she does not respond to flirts with a flirt and she responded back to me that she does not respond to people who does not read her profile. What a bimbo. I know that I could probably keep the conversation going and eventually meet her, but what for. Women like this are usually flighty.