By   September 4, 2014

Mind blowing online dating profile

One: Your profile picture? I think it would be best if someone has taken it for you, like a brother or a sister. It would seem a little ‘vain’ for the other camp when they see your profile picture taken from your camera phone. I think it is best if you use a photo from a good digital camera. What do you think? The point of this is that you want you photo to appear fun and inviting. A photo taken by you will not convey that. You need a photo taken by someone who was out in a fun setting with you. This type of photo will show that you are fun and sociable. These are the qualities that women want.

online dating profile Some mind blowing Tips for creating an Two: Never start your profile with what school you were from or what your job you have at the moment. This is not an online resume and you are not applying for work. Loosen up with the credentials and write what your interests are. And plus, putting your work experience on your profile is boring. You come of as a retard or a show off if you have a great job. You want to be “as a matter of fact” about things. Have these positive features of your life come off as tidbits in conversation, not as points you are trying to earn in an online profile.

Three: Be interesting, yes, you should tell some fascinating facts about yourself but do not overdo it. Telling the whole world that you love dogs is enough, but do not overdo it by telling what breeds of dogs you are into. That would totally be annoying. Straight facts that would let them know your likes and dislikes are enough. Women love mysteries. If you give it all up in your profile you are killing the Enrique for her. She will move on to another profile to uncover that mystery.

More Tips for creating an online dating profile

  • (This rule is for real men) Do not let her make the first move. Be a gentleman before you even know each other. Email her first. Let her know that you are interested and you find her pretty, let her know that you would want to hang out with her. Keep the conversations flowing if you feel like she’s about to cut it off but the most important rule, DO NOT OVERDO IT.
  • She might write you back, or she might find you boring, whatever she replies to you. If she declines your offer, then accept it nicely and look for another girl. Do not push yourself deeper to where you are not clearly wanted. Respect her decision and do not bash her profile with hate messages. There are a lot of women online so just move on to the next profile.


  • Okay, so there we are, in getting rejected. Do not lose hope when you email a woman and she declines you. Keep it positive and look for another female that might actually appreciate you. Do not sulk over the rejection and grief and curse too much. I am telling you, it is not worth it. Because the energy you waste chasing the girl that does not want you will cause you to loose the girl that does want you. So do not let the new woman pass you buy while chasing the old woman.

It is all about finding your one, true love

When you have found the “right one”, do not forget to delete you online dating profile. As much as you would want to keep it and update it because it is where your love has been born, there is nothing to do there anymore. You would not need it in any way. Just delete it, it might be the cause of your love now, but it can also cause your break up if you keep on messaging other people with your account. Be sensitive and mature.