By   July 15, 2013
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Know more about Online Dating Profile Tips for Men

Well, we all know that not a lot of men can write well about themselves. Some can be total jerks while others can be hard to believe. Would you believe if someone over the Internet if they told you that they are not looking for sex, just plain sweet friendship? Of course not. Would you believe if someone told you that they have not made a woman cry or left a man heartbroken? Nope, definitely not. That is because it is really hard to trust someone especially if that someone is a thousand miles away from you. So, men, here are some tips for you:

What are some Online dating profile tips for men?

Online Dating Profile Tips for MenOne: Never start your profile with what school you were from or what your job is at the moment. This is not an Online resume and you are not applying for work. Loosen up with the credentials and write what your interests are. And plus, putting your work experience on your profile is boring.

Two: Do not describe yourself way too positively. How would you feel if a woman describes herself as “Totally hot, stunningly gorgeous and oozing with sex appeal”? You would totally be doubtful about them, yes? Do not lift your own chair. Just stay humble, simple and true.

Three: If you are not allowed to describe yourself too positively then you are also not allowed to pity yourself on our profile. What do I mean? You cannot say “you are just a poor man, looking for some love” or “Broke, unhappy, alone. Help me?” Although, that maybe funny but some people might actually think that you are what you say you are. No exaggerations. You do not want the girls to think that you are after money or you are worth nothing at all.

Four: Do not start your profile with an “I love to partehhhh!” kind of sentence because it won’t work with anyone. Why are you on a dating site and why do you have an Online dating profile if you love to party? Why don’t you just introduce yourself to the first chick that you meet in the clubs? Be more sensible. Nobody wants to date someone who listens to Keisha all the time.

Are these Online dating tips for men effective?

dating profile examples for menYes and no. It depends if you are genuine and sensitive enough to post something about yourself. It depends on the posts you’re publishing if it would be effective. Just try not to overdo stuff and see what happens. Women can sense a weak and needy guy who is lying about a lifestyle right away. What you want to do in your profile is to come across as fun, playful and happy. Women have some miserable lives inspire of what they project. They are looking for a guy who can make them happy. That is why the good guys are always saying the bad guys get the girl because the girl is looking to have fun and that is all the bad guys have to offer and that is all they talk about so girls go for that. Now the good guy maintains a serious conversation and basically runs down his resume to the women. This will only scare her away because she has to deal with the real world all day and at night she wants to have fun.

Be the man that every girl in an Online dating site would want to date

You have to project an image of a guy having fun. Women want to date guys that are fun to be with. When I say having fun that could mean anything. Some women like athletics, theater, beaches, etc, what ever your passion is there is a woman that shares that same passion. If you like to go to plays show some pictures of you attending a play in and around the area of the play and make sure you look like your having fun and happy because she will want to be a part of that. You can put whatever you want on your profile so long as it is decent, simple and true. Nobody wants to date a jerk, especially a liar. If you would want to find a woman who is true enough to tell her traits and wishes Online, then repay her by telling the truth as well. You just have to spin your life in a positive light. Never highlight anything negative about yourself. Think about it, does any company that markets products and services to you highlight negative traits about their products and services? the answer is no because they would not be able to sell those products and services to you and you would end up going to their competition. You are selling yourself on your Online dating profile. You have to show yourself in your best light. Your new girlfriend will have plenty of time to get to know the rest of you. Those girls deserve more than a one-night stand. They deserve respect and caring. Be the man that every girl in an Online dating site wants to hang out with.