By   November 9, 2013
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pof profile snippet in search resultsTake a look at this headline. Look at the arrogance that some of these women have. She says that she gets 300 messages a day. She is trying to say that she is tired of all these dumb guys chasing her.

The big problem here is that guys put way to much value on some of these females. This causing them to think that all guys are a bunch of desperate lames.

She is saying that you send her the same dumb questions and she is not turned on by you because if she was you could just say hi and she would be all over you.

pof screen on phone with 847 message in atlTake a look at the photo of her phone that she posted.  It shows that she has 847 messages. I can bet most of them are complements or pleads for sex. Most guys keep doing the wrong things and getting bad results. I know you want to have sex with cute girls. I can show you the mistakes that you have been making with these women. Click here.

Most cute girls online and in the real world in fact get this kind of attention. She is basically feeding of your attention and probably does not want anything more.

Lets break her profile down in the following quotes:

Like, what are we in elementary school?? Reading is fundamental!!

 facebook self shot bikiniI get like 300 messages a day that read ‘Hey how are you?’ ‘Whats up’ ‘sup’ ‘hello’ ‘hi’…..

-_____- and you wonder why women don’t reply. Your messages lack substance and while you may be a great guy…you are not gonna capture my attention with these messages.

I am a RARE commodity. Not C O C K Y *…Very Confident. Own my Beauty Shop, 420 friendly, No kids, I love food, Swimming, laughing…shootin the s H i T. Humble and NON- materialistic. I honestly don’t care what kinda car you drive, as long as you have one. I’ll answer your message; doesn’t mean I’m interested. I’m super grown, so if you are holding up ‘gang signs’ in your profile pic on this DATING site I can already tell you I won’t be interested.

I’m a real person, You want to know more?…Google Me: #####

Follow me on Instagram: @#####

I’m a busy woman. My time is precious, Please don’t waste it.”

End of quote.

As you can see these girls got problems. On one end she is taking about all the guys contacting her and on the other end she is promoting her Instagram page because she is in fact desperate for the attention. Most of these women live in the illusion of TV reality shows thinking that they are some rich diva when in fact they are just desperate to be important.

Next quote:

“First Date
 Hookah and Drinks. Somewhere we can talk without yelling at each other over music. No, not at your crib or mine. Nice try tho…”

End of quote.

Take a look at her first date idea. To me this comes across as a gold digger. No where in there does she say that she is willing to pay. She wants to go out for drinks and hookah, huh. Girls like this will run through $100 easily without giving you nothing in return for it, not even a thank you sometimes.

Now look at the second sentence where she says that she wont come to your house or invite you to her house on the first date. Women usually do all the things that they say they dont usually do. So in fact what usually happens is one guys spends money taking her out to hookah and drinks then she eventually gets horny and just randomly picks one of those 800 guys on her inbox to come over and have sex.

Girls like this usually give good sex to the guy who is straight to the point and they will even tell that guy about all the other average frustrated chumps that take her out for hookay and drinks and dont get any sex.

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