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By   January 26, 2014
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Chicks in general and especially on dating sites try to build them selves up to be more than they can ever be in real live. Women tend to live in a fairy tale where they think they are so loved and admired by the world that everyone should bow down to them.

Online Dating Profile Tips for Men

By   July 15, 2013

Know more about Online Dating Profile Tips for Men

Well, we all know that not a lot of men can write well about themselves. Some can be total jerks while others can be hard to believe. Would you believe if someone over the Internet if they told you that they are not looking for sex, just plain sweet friendship? Of course not. Would you believe if someone told you that they have not made a woman cry or left a man heartbroken? Nope, definitely not. That is because it is really hard to trust someone especially if that someone is a thousand miles away from you. So, men, here are some tips for you: